Saturday, April 15, 2006

Don't scare momma like that!

So we had a pretty good day yesterday. Got a lot accomplished! Took down 2 aquariums that all the fish died in. moved some furniture around, cleaned up the center of the house. Jeri did help but didn't do any heavy lifting and took a lot of recliner breaks.

We then went and grabbed some Chinese food, watched some TV and I decided to repot the cactus garden. 5 minutes later jeri came in and said we needed to go to the hospital.

She was having some brown spotting. Just like last year, and that time when we had an ultrasound Julia was gone. Right around 10 weeks.

I called the midwife and away we went. I called the unit (it's the hospital where I work on L&D) and asked about the ultrasound and they said they would call someone in.

I did the 30 minute drive in about 22. I promised to buy them a pony if they were both OK.

They were so great when we got there. The U/S tech was waiting for us and as soon as Jeri was in the computer we were on our way down.

The tech started to measure Jeri's ovaries. UM NO. We wanted to see their hearts beating. She said she couldn't tell us. I told her I worked upstairs, on L&D, I had my badge on, and I told her she didn't have to say anything, I could look and interpret it. She moved the wand over and said do you see it?

And there they were. Perfect, beautiful, strong heart rates, and MOVING!!! They were wiggling all around, baby B was so wiggly that the tech had to measure the heartbeat 3 times.

After that she lightened up, after I assured her I would not get her into trouble. Their heart rates were 180's and everyone said that is normal at this stage. They measure perfect size for dates, Baby A is a touch bigger than B, but still perfect size.

So no more spotting. Actually by the time Jeri got back up from the ultrasound it was gone. Jeri is under orders to rest. We feel drained. It was so scary. I felt so helpless.

We have decided to postpone the appt. with the high risk doctor because she was going to do a big U/S and we just had one. It's too much to have ultrasounds only a few days apart. It was just a consult and likely that she was just going to say everything looks good, keep doing everything your doing (she actually did say that but it was "unofficial" at the desk @ work). We are going to reschedule it for 12 weeks.

We see the OB on the 25th and have an ultrasound the day before.

I told jeri and the babies. This cannot happen again, my heart can't take it.

And this morning I went out easter shopping and bought them each a toy pony.

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Blogger Estelle said...

I have a pony they can borrow. Perhaps it is fitting for the occasion. Clikc on "share Steve" in my sidebar. I can move you up the list if you would like a good luck pony for the meeting with the high risk OB.
Charlie tried to scare us a few times too. Finally I told him that if he did not start behaving he would not get dessert. Ever. And he shaped up.

6:01 PM  
Blogger Jeri said...

i had a panic attack because i couldnt see the heartbeats from the angle i was in, i said to jeani i cannot see, meaning i cannot see the heartbeats, but the tech turned the screen a little and then i saw it all.
once i saw the beating hearts i started to breathe, once i saw them move i started to cry. we never got a chance to see julia move.

12:53 PM  
Blogger Estelle said...

Well these babies are STRONG and healthy and being watched over by their big sister and looking forward to their ponies.
When I realized that Charlie was going to stick around (after four losses) I didn't quite know what to do. I was so used to the "we're pregnant, something doesn't look right, I'm sorry but the baby died and/or has to be aborted (ectopic)" cycle that a healthy baby at the end of it all was a bit surreal.

4:09 PM  
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